Change Your Wax!

We love wax melts at Onyx Home Fragrance! Therefore, we wanted to give you the biggest tip we can offer. For those new to wax melting, we understand the urge to add new melts to old wax. However, we want to caution against doing so.

Firstly, adding new wax melts to old wax can disrupt the fragrance balance and cause the scent to become weaker or disappear entirely. The old wax has already absorbed some of the fragrance, leaving less room for the fragrance oils to disperse throughout the air.

Secondly, adding new wax melts to old ones can affect the melting process. The new wax may not melt at the same rate as the old wax, leading to uneven melting, especially if the warmer dish is too full. The scent will eventually disappear completely, but the wax will not evaporate.

Lastly, the old wax may become contaminated with debris or dust depending on how long it has been in the warmer. Nobody wants to warm dirty wax!

In conclusion, it's best to avoid adding new wax melts to old ones that are still warming in your fragrance warmer. Instead, enjoy your current wax melts until the scent has completely dissipated. Please make sure to remove the old wax before adding new melts to your warmer. This will ensure you get the maximum fragrance and melting time out of your wax melts.

Happy melting!
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